Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Veuillez Parlez Francais, Monsieur Le Gendarme

The Federal Court of Canada has ordered the RCMP to provide services in both English and French across all New Brunswick, not just where numbers warrant.

Will the same practice be mandated for the Surete du Quebec and RCMP in Quebec?


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DorionHawk said...

This is a no win situation brought on by the province itself. New brunswick is the only declared BILINGUAL province in Canada. Quebec is not Bilingual its a French province and therefore does not have to provide BILINGUAL services. This should be a warning to Ontarians to keep a eye on McGuinty who is starting down this path with BILINGUALISM in the city of Ottawa.
BILINGUALISM and MULTICULTURALISM is one of the root cause of hatred amongst Canadians.