Sunday, October 02, 2005

Federal Sex Party

No, this is not an invitation to screw around on the taxpayers' dime.

These people are apparently serious about running on a free love platform. Which is worth what you pay for it.

The party would campaign on a platform of overhauling sex laws, including a repeal of the Criminal Code's prohibition on "immoral, indecent performance, entertainment or representation."

Candidates would also press for a national policy on comprehensive sex education in schools, more liberal laws on recreational nudity in public areas and less censorship.

The party also wants to change Victoria Day to Eros Day and would proclaim Valentine's Day as an official holiday.

Perhaps they should merge with the Marijuana Party. They both share no greater common vision than the legalization of their all-consuming hedonistic pleasure.

A Canada where people can rut like dogs while smoking pot in the park would be a
tyrant's dream. If you provide and protect unbounded sexual and recreational freedom, you can keep the people distracted as you take away all their other freedoms. Aldous Huxley illustrated this point rather well in Brave New World .

Here's a link to their party website. Needless to say, it is neither safe for work, children, or for the general moral fabric of society. I link to it for educational purposes only.

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