Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hudson's Bay To The USA?

While news of a Canadian retail chain being sold to American investors is usually a matter of indifference to most people except hard-core Council of Canadians types, the possibility that Hudson's Bay Company might pass entirely out of Canadian ownership is a poignant one.

For HBC is not just another faceless retail chain, but one of the most significant actors in Canadian history for more than three centuries.

Without the Hudson's Bay Company, Canada as we know it today might never have existed, because control of the fur trade and the Canadian West and North would likely have ended up in French, and then American, hands instead.

During the recent CBC lockout, the cognoscenti kept telling us ad nauseum that Canada's national identity depends on CBC's existence.

Without HBC, there would have been no Canada, and thus no CBC.

I think the Hudson's Bay Company matters a little more to Canadian history and identity than some jumped-up left-wing broadcaster, don't you?

Read more about the proposed takeover at CTV .


Myrddin Wyllt said...

While I agree a jumped up left wing media like the CBC is not important I can't find any reason to consider a retail department store chain important either, we still have the history and selling the Bay to a USA corp will not change history and allow the french a rare victory.
The English won, the Bay is irrelevant in 2005.
I'd be far more concerned about selling our resource companies to communist China.

ferrethouse said...

The Hudson's Bay Company of today has very little in common with that which helped found Canada. Build a monument commemorating its history. It sucks as a retail chain and here is the most important point to be made here...

It is slowly dying anyway. It is better that an American company comes in and rescues it than to watch a Canadian historical icon slowly die a pathetic death.