Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Naked Aggression

Nudists are complaining that social workers are harassing them because they like to run around buck naked in front of their children:

Stephane Deschenes, president of the Federation of Canadian Naturists, said he wrote an article for the latest issue of Going Natural magazine after being contacted time and time again by parents being investigated, supposedly only because of their naturalist lifestyle.

"When we did dig into it we realized there was - in some cases - some real abuses of power. So we tried to work with the Children's Aid Societies in Ontario to try to formulate policies to clarify the situation because naturism is legal, (as is) casual non-sexual nudity in the home," he said.

"All the scholarly research out there says it's good for children. But there was no interest in working with us, no priority and so we decided we had to go to the public," said Deschenes, who is the father of two young children.

There are many things that children should not be exposed to, and nudism is one of them. Not just because it teaches them to become obsessed with their bodies above all else, but also because the people who participate in it are usually the last people who should be seen naked, anywhere, at any time.

Despite what nudists claim, there is a strong sexual component to their activites, and their activities naturally attract perverts of all stripes.

They're setting their children up for trouble down the road.

Source: Canoe

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Shane said...

Is that why Amazonian rainforest tribespeople are all oversexed pedophiles? Oh, I never would have guessed.

So much for that theory. Don't be so paranoid. They are talking about casual nudism in the home, not taking their kids buck naked down to the beach.