Thursday, October 27, 2005

Classless Act

Some people become teachers because they remain emotional adolescents and naturally find their level with others of the same mentality. We've all had teachers like that. First we thought they were cool, then we thought they were pathetic.

This Windsor man is one such teacher who never grew up, and now he's about to pay the professional price:

William Fabel is alleged to have dished out insults equally: Girls ("I'm a leg man; I have cameras hidden under all the girls' desks!"); boys ("How many of you guys would sleep with these girls for a million dollars?"); gays ("There's no room in the world for them"); Catholics ("That nun isn't getting any"); fellow teachers ("Go check them out at the strip club going down the pole"); the school principal ("If you want to laugh, picture the principal naked!"); and blacks ("Watch your back; I have a n----- friend who could fight anybody.").

But wait! There's more!

After the Columbine shooting, he entered the class pretending to be a gunman, causing students to cower under their desks.

To the mother of two students at the start of a parent-teacher interview, he asked: "Who do you want to talk about first? Dumb or Dumber?"

He told one student his mother was a "M.I.L.F." — meaning a "mother I'd like to f---."

To a female Grade 10 student, Fabel said: "I was looking at Playboy magazine and saw someone who looked just like you."

He spoke about his own sexual activities and offered tips to male students on "how to get into girls' pants."

He mimicked an Italian accent and said Italians are fat and hairy and can only pursue careers in cement.

He referred to a student as "a retard from the sticks."

I had a high school English and history teacher who was head and shoulders above the rest of the faculty intellectually, and miles beneath them emotionally.

He was full of colourful insults to students; he used to call us "rapscallions", "scalawags" and "worse than crawling things."

On the blackboard he'd write down some of cryptic acronyms such as AIBMWYFC (avoid incest but mate with your first cousin) and SYGLM (shut your grubby little mouths.)

He tacked a photograph of the principal on the P.A. loudspeaker and at the end of announcements would say something like "Big Brother has spoken" or "The word of the Lord."

To show his disdain for the canned computerized comments on our report cards, he'd select the most irrelevant ones such as "Finds it difficult to type without looking at the keyboard" and "Good in written work, poor in oral work" right below "Good in oral work, poor in written work".

He wasn't above making sexual cracks and passes at girls either; eventually it did get him a suspension but he's still teaching.

Random anecdotes on this blog would hardly do him justice; what made him an entertaining teacher unfortunately also made him an eternal teenager. Yet he also introduced me to a broader intellectual spectrum of studies and, perhaps above all else, the Byfields' Western Report

Had he not been a capable teacher, he'd almost certainly have been fired.

Fabel, on the other hand, seems to be merely a crude boor. And boors have no place in the classroom.

Source: Toronto Star

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