Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Martha's Not Coming

Unless Joe Volpe can speed up some paperwork for her, the felonious domestic diva Martha Stewart will not be permitted into the country to attend the big Pumpkin Festival in Windsor, Nova Scotia.

It's a good thing.

Windsor used to be a prosperous town during the age of sail; now it's a lifeless bedroom community for commuters and senior citizens.

It doesn't deserve the further indignity of a Martha Stewart visit.

Source: CTV


Anonymous said...

If Martha Stewart was a Syrian terrorist who was coming to Canada to promote terrorism and to sponge off of taxpayers, the Liberal government and media elites would welcome her with open arms. Shameful indeed.

Mark said...

If it was regular Joe with a criminal record there wouldn't even be a question of disallowing them entry.

Likewise if someone from Canada tries to enter the US with a CR.

Why the double standard for celebrities and people "in the know"?