Sunday, October 02, 2005

CBC Lockout Watch, Day 49

The media blackout on CBC-CMG negotiations has been extended twice today; first to 6:00 PM EDT, then to midnight.

Tod Maffin claims to have an inside source telling him that management has decided that's it "do or die" at midnight, or they'll all turn into pumpkins. Like this prize winner presented by Alison in Winnipeg:

Robin Rowland also reports that the federal mediators want the deal settled tonight. To that end, they've started discussing money for the first time and begun preparing a back-to-work protocol.

With Hockey Night in Canada's debut less than a week away, the heat is on if they want to produce a proper season opener.

Although he wasn't a CMG member, CBC Paris correspondent Paul Workman refused to work rather than cross the picket line. CBC has replaced him with David Common as a result. In a truly classless move on CBC's part, Paul Workman had to find out about it on the blogs first.

One set of fools managing another set of fools, both seething with hatred and resentment towards each other.

Even if they go back to work tomorrow, they'll sting each other to death like two scorpions in a bottle, and the CBC along with it.

In a strange way, I'd be disappointed to see CBC go. I enjoy kicking it around, if nothing else about it.

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