Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Kill Them Or I'll Kill You: Layton

Jack Layton is off to 24 Sussex Drive with an ultimatum for Paul Martin: stop the advance of private healthcare or I'll pull the plug:

"We're going to this meeting to try to convince the Prime Minister and the Health Minister that they've got to do something to stop the growth of private, for-profit medicine," Mr. Layton said yesterday.

"The first step has got to be for them to agree that we actually have the growth of private, for-profit medicare and medicine in this country which clearly we do."

Mr. Layton refused to say how strong a commitment he would need from Prime Minister Paul Martin -- or how soon he would need to see action. But he stressed that he expected to see some compliance from the Liberals in the very near future.

Too bad for Layton that the public will no longer rush to the defence of the public healthcare monopoly with the same zeal that they did even just a couple of years ago. Too many people have had too many personal experiences with family members or friends deteriorating or dying while they waited for treatment to believe that the status quo must be protected at all costs.

And that would make an effective negative Tory campaign ad, would it not? "Since Paul Martin pulled the plug on healthcare reform, X number of Canadians have died waiting for treatment that could have saved their lives. They died so Paul Martin's government could live a little longer. That's what it means to die for your country in Paul Martin's Canada."

Source: Globe and Mail


Mitch said...

I'm waiting for him to argue for collectivizing the farms next.

Ayn said...

Collectivization in Canada? Not all that far-fetched, really.

To sign the constitution circa 1982, the NDP insisted on nixing private property rights which had previously been enshrined in the BNA act. That of course was fine with our former-communist-card-carrying PM of the day. Now the government has the power to legally confiscate away any citizen's farm, or city lot for that matter.

Right now the feds are going after some guy in Ontario opposed to the gun registry, to make an example out of him. Heard about it on CKNW radio (Vancouver -- Peter Warren show) a couple of Saturdays ago.

Best prepare yourself for the day you start to recognize the thought police. Suggested reading: Koba the Dread (Martin Amis) and Harvest of Sorrow (Robert Coquest). At a library near you.