Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Allan Cutler: Our Man In Ottawa South

From the Gomery Inquiry:

Because Mr. Guité was regularly receiving instructions directly from his Ministers, David Dingwall and Alfonso Gagliano, and because he had
direct access to persons in the PMO, including the Chief of Staff of
the Prime Minister, Mr. Guité was no longer subject to the authority
and direction of his immediate superior, either Richard Neville or James
Stobbe, nor was he subject to the authority and oversight of the Deputy
Minister, Ranald Quail. In their eyes and those of everyone in the public
service, he was in a special category, seemingly exempt from the usual
reporting rules, and not obliged to conform to normal practices and
procedures. Only one subordinate, Allan Cutler, dared to challenge Mr.Guité’s authority and methods and, as a result, he was declared surplus
by Mr. Guité.

Let the Liberals run all the retired astronauts and obscure actresses they can find.

One ounce of integrity outweighs a ton of celebrity.


thinblueliner said...

What a coup by the CPC!
So many positives to having him on the ticket:

- he's basically the Adscam hero/protaganist figure. Quiet integrity written all over him - fits like a glove with CPC message on integrity and anti-corruption.
- every civil servant in Ottawa-South knows who he is by now and have to respect him for what he's done. Suspect many will opt to vote for him.
- David McGuinty (current Ottawa-South Liberal MP may suffer from a heightened Liberal "culture of entitlement" shadow this time around as a result of his last name and brother. Who better than a guy like an anti-establishment Cutler to compare/contrast against?

Anonymous said...

Allan Cutler could win. I hope he does. He goes right along with what
the Conservatives will try to get out in this upcoming election. Which is coming sooner rather then later. One of the subjects in this
will no doubt be about ethics in Gov't. And Cutler will lead the pack in this area.

Anonymous said...

Allan is not the only honest civil servant, in fact I think most below the ADM's are, generally. Most, however, are afraid of the consequences Allan has suffered, being fired for being honest and for turning in the thieves. Funny enough, my {federal} department is busy setting up more beaurocracy to look into workplace ethics. If they evver actually figure what the word means, they should begin at the top to find the unethical ones.

I am in Ottawa West, or Allan would have my vote for sure.

I do have one request... Please, Allan, tell Stephen Harper to straighten up the mis-information he told the press about the milage ordinary civil servants are paid to have our cars available, and to use them ON GOVERNMENT BUSINESS. This practice is to save the taxpayer money, not to line our pockets. {Confederation Heights to Tunneys: $20.00 each way by Blueline, $4.30 to an employee if he or she even bothers to put in for the milage, and most of us don't bother} Statements like this will alienate the civil service as much as Allan's presence will bring it to the Conservative side.