Friday, November 11, 2005

Bring Back Adscam

Albert Einstein defined insanity as the the belief that one can get different results by doing the same thing. Which would put these Quebec Liberals in desperate need of involuntary commitment:

A few Liberal party members in Quebec say they want to revive the sponsorship program to promote Canadian unity despite its history of waste and abuse.

According to the newspaper Le Devoir, the federal Liberal riding association in Jonquiere-Alma plans to table a proposal to bring back the program, which was scrapped by Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2004 after revelations of widespread abuse.

"I think that Canada's visibility in Quebec is insufficient given that ... there is continually a smear campaign in regards to sponsorship and governance," riding association president Gilles Savard told the newspaper.


Savard says the program itself "wasn't a dumb idea" and that the new one would be more structured and controlled.

He said some people in his riding believe there are border stations between Quebec and Ontario, and that they will be beaten up should they set foot in Ontario.

Even if the sponsorship program had been run by saints, it would still have failed miserably, because no one has ever been able to determine or explain how pasting the Canadian flag on a bunch of billboards would have turned the Quebecois away from the siren song of separatism and filled their hearts with pride for Canada.

As for the idiots who believe such patent nonsense about border stations manned by French-hating thugs in Ontario, nothing will ever remedy their stupidity.

The only people who want the program back are the people who made money off it. And most of them will be in jail or professional disgrace.

But then, there are also people who want to bring back the Communists to Russia.

Source: CBC

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David Simpson said...

Maybe they are the Liberals who really want Quebec to leave?