Saturday, November 19, 2005

No Homecoming For Karl Toft

According to the Globe and Mail, New Brunswick's most infamous pedophile, Karl Toft, will be released from jail next week after serving 13 years for molesting more than 200 boys while serving as a guard at the Kingsclear reformatory near Fredericton.

The New Brunswick government is relieved that he'll be staying in Edmonton:

New Brunswick Justice Minister Brad Green said the provincial government is relieved that Toft has decided to stay in Edmonton.

"Quite candidly, the province of New Brunswick has no interest in him ever stepping foot in this province again," Mr. Green said.

Mr. Green said nobody believes he is rehabilitated and his victims will never forgive him.

"His victims will say there is no way he could ever pay the debt for what he has done to them," Mr. Green said.

But their relief may be as much for their party as for any future potential victims, according to this 2003 letter from Edmonton Centre East MP Peter Goldring to then-Solicitor General Wayne Easter:

6/ The late New Brunswick Premier Richard Hatfield has been identified by former Kingsclear residents as having been with Kingsclear children taken from the institution. Was Premier Hatfield officially questioned in the context of any Kingsclear investigation? If so, What was the result?

Richard Hatfield's homosexuality was New Brunswick's least well-kept secret during his 17 years as Premier.

One popular anecdote concerns two New Brunswick journalists who tracked down Hatfield to a gay nightclub in New York during one of his frequent trips to the city on a government plane. "Don't worry, fellows," he told them. "Your secret is safe with me."

Especially after his acquittal on marijuana possession charges, rumours about Hatfield's liking for teenage boys were common political gossip in New Brunswick, just as Gerald Regan's lechery was known by everybody in Nova Scotia long before the ex-premier was tried for sexual assault.

Hatfield cannot answer the allegations against him, but they will hang over his reputation forever. If Karl Toft ever confirms them, he could sink the current New Brunswick Tory government because of their late leader's supposed sins.

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