Friday, November 18, 2005

Pettigrew Slaps Boisclair

The immaculately coiffed Pierre Pettigrew has started a fight with Andre Boisclair for the title of top man in Quebec:

Speaking to reporters on Wednesday following Andre Boisclair's election as head of the PQ, Pettigrew said the ceremony - which paid tribute to the party's former leaders - was a "homage to losers."

"It was the night of the election of the next loser, because of what the hardliners will do to him," Pettigrew said.

Jonathan Valois, a PQ member of the provincial legislature, called on Pettigrew to take "another trip around the world with only his bodyguard."

Valois was referring to the controversy surrounding Pettigrew's decision to spend $10,000 in taxpayers' money to take his chauffeur on government trips to Europe and Latin America.


A Pettigrew-Boisclair feud will provide ample fodder for tasteless jokes, the kind that standards forbid me to publish here.

Source: National Post

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