Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Martin's Millstone

The latest SES poll on Adscam reveals why Canadians don't want an election:

Sun Media-SES Research poll finds that 43% of Canadians tar the entire Liberal Party with the kickback scheme that ripped off millions of taxpayer dollars -- a 13% jump since the spring.

Another 48% believe only a "few bad apples" are to blame for the corruption -- a 10% slide over the same period.

The poll also found that while fewer Canadians think Prime Minister Paul Martin is exclusively to blame for AdScam, a majority believe he shares responsibility for the scandal with his predecessor, Jean Chretien.

On May 4, 29% thought Martin was solely to blame for the scandal compared to only 8% on Nov. 13, two weeks after Gomery tabled his report. Another 24% fingered Chretien, while 54% of Canadians believe the pair is mutually responsible.

Paul Martin has spent the past two years denying that he had anything to do with Jean Chretien's government. While voter memories are short, they are not blank, and most of them have recollections of Paul Martin's years as the greatest finance minister who absolutely ever was.

Just as the Liberals kept going about the "Alliance-Conservatives" during the last election, the Conservatives should talk about the "Chretien-Martin" Liberals.

Because in mnay people's minds, that's what they are.

Paul Martin will now have to atone for Jean Chretien's sins. And that's why we're being reminded that Canadians don't want an election.

Source: Toronto Sun

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