Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Joe Who? Joe Why?

Joe Clark, like the Bourbons of old France, has learned nothing and forgotten nothing:

Former Prime Minister Joe Clark says there are no credible future leaders in any of the opposition parties.

Speaking in Winnipeg, Clark warned the current tactics of the opposition to force Prime Minister Paul Martin could backfire.

The opposition coalition is insisting Martin call an election by February or they will force a Christmas campaign.

Clark told a newspaper: "The opposition has the burden of proving either that there is some reason to move more quickly or that, if an election happens precipitously, it's not their fault."

Clark adds because there is no strong candidate this time among the opposition leaders, that could mean another minority government.

Sound advice from the man for whom a majority is less than one-half but greater than two-thirds. Would that he had followed it himself in 1979; Trudeau wouldn't have come back and we wouldn't have had the Charter of Rights of Freedoms to hamstring our repatriated Constitution.

Please go away, Joe. Your contributions actually subtract from the national debate. And for a former Prime Minister, that is a sad condemnation.

Source: 580 CFRA Ottawa

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