Saturday, November 12, 2005


The media has been ever so quick to remind us that these "impoverished French youths of North African ancestry" are not motivated in the slightest by religious considerations when choosing their targets.

Jan Sobieski might have seen matters a little differently, however:

Rocks and bottles were thrown at a Polish chapel in Houdain in the north of France shattering stained glass and destroying the doors of the holy place. There is destruction, according to the Vicar of the local representative of the Polish Catholic mission, however nothing was stolen (there was no robbery).

The Vicar, Tomasz (Thomas) Tobyf told PAP (Polish Press Agency) that the attack took place Thursday night or early Friday morning. The attackers during the attack burned and ruined the chapel itself as well as smashing stained glass with bottles and rocks. Next, they broke into the chapel and smashed the doors with 45 pound rocks. All of the equipment was ruined including an organ which is practically totalled. The tabarnacle was not destroyed.

Father Tobyf stated that the mayor had said that they would take care of the chapel's security, but the Polish Felician nuns cleaned up the mess sufficiently to allow the next French language mass to take place on Saturday.

The NMP Holy Mother Chapel in Houdain was constructed in the 1960's by miners.

Father Tobyf has stated that the destruction was a complete act of mindless vandalsim. He suspects that the instigators were at least 14 year olds since younger vandals would be unable to lift such heavy stones. He further excludes any possibility of any religious motivation.

During the last two weeks in France there has been unrest, instigated primarily by "young youths" in immigrant communities, chiefly Muslim, who have already attacked three churches however there has been no reaction from the government nor the media.

Will Notre Dame or Chartres have to go up in flames before even the most diehard secularist French realize they're targets of a religious war?

Source: FreeRepublic

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