Sunday, November 27, 2005


Because Canada didn't send troops to invade Iraq, our people have nothing to fear from Iraqi insurgents. Just sew a maple leaf on your backpack and they won't mistake you for an ugly American, and they'll shower you with love and affection.

Or so we've been told....

Four humanitarian workers, including two Canadians, have been taken hostage in Iraq, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Sunday.

The Canadian embassy in Amman, Jordan, notified Foreign Affairs about the kidnapping on Saturday.

The aid agency has asked that the names not be released, Dan McTeague, the parliamentary secretary to the minister of foreign affairs, said Sunday.

McTeague said the aid agency, which he would not name, "has not requested any assistance at this time." Officials in Amman and Ottawa are in contact with the organization, he added.

There are reports that the other two workers are British and American, but McTeague could not confirm it.

In April 2004, Foreign Affairs issued an advisory that said no Canadians should travel to Iraq.

"Under no circumstances should Canadians be there," McTeague said Sunday. "The situation remains very unstable ... and continues to be a danger for all foreign travellers."

Don't expect Foreign Affairs to bail you out of trouble, anywhere, at any time, for any reason. It's not their job, and even if it were, they wouldn't do it if it offended their hosts.

Source: CBC

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