Friday, November 25, 2005


Sure, he's been out of the country for the last 25 years teaching at Harvard.

Sure, he's probably the only professor in academe to support the liberation of Iraq and ballistic missile defence.

Sure, he's so popular with the Toronto crowd that he might have to run against a sitting Tory MP in rural Ontario.

But Michael Ignatieff is the coming saviour of Canada's governing party by divine right, so you'd better get out of his way!

PS: He does have the proper pedigree for the leadership, because his grandfather was a cabinet minister. Even if it was Tsar Nicholas II's cabinet.

PPS: Susan Kadis and Joe Volpe will be surprised to learn that Elinor Caplan still holds both their jobs. The Star will regret the error on page G44 tomorrow.

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Scoop said...

Sadly, it would appear Mr. Ignatieff is no longer headed for the wilds of Simcoe-Grey, and was but a brief shining hope for local Libs eager to throw off the yoke of Conservative representation...
That was followed by a momentary toying of David Orchard as the candidate (you know Liberals - always distracted by shiny things), but have since settled on a local resident... who for some reason they're still loath to announce...

But thanks for the link anyway!