Monday, November 14, 2005

Plain Brown Fishwrapper

As newspaper circulation plummets and proof of leftist editorial bias becomes firmly established in the public mind, some major newspapers are getting down into the gutter.

The Los Angeles Times has assigned a reporter full-time to covering the pornography industry.

Not to be outdone, the New York Times hired a male truck stop prostitute as a freelancer, only to discover that he might have been as fictional a creation as Jayson Blair's articles.

How long before Gerald Hannon starts gracing the Globe and Mail's editorial pages?

These freaks would never have made their way into a newsroom run by real reporters decades ago, men (mostly) who had worked their way up from the lower and lower-middle classes and understood what the common man wanted to read.

The elite college graduates who grew up in comfortable upper-middle or upper class homes and cut their teeth on so-called cutting-edge college papers, full of left-wing artsy and political drivel, as well as disgusting sex columns, have no idea why nobody wants to read what have become campus papers with multi-million copy circulations.

And until they stop hiring j-school graduates (of which, alas, I am one) and start hiring people who actually know something about their subjects, they won't be worth reading.

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