Thursday, November 10, 2005

Canadian Jihadi Dead: No One Mourns

Some Canadians, tired of their government's inaction and seeming cowardice in avoiding full-out involvement in the war on Islamic terror, are taking matters into their own hands and joining the war themselves.

Unfortunately, not on the side of Western civilization, according to this National Post report:

The RCMP has confirmed that a DNA sample taken from an identification card carried by an insurgent fighter killed in Chechnya last year matches that of a missing Vancouver man, the National Post has learned.

Two sources confirmed that a long-awaited lab test has positively matched a blood smear on a B.C. driver's licence that was found on the body of a camouflage-clad Chechen rebel to Rudwan Khalil.

Russian security forces said last October they had shot dead the 26-year-old Canadian college student, whom they believe trekked to Chechnya in August, 2004, to join a Muslim rebel faction.

And it seems that Khalil had plenty of encouragement from the home crowd to join the jihad:

An immigrant from Eritrea, Mr. Khalil came to Canada with his mother and brothers Mustafa and Amir in 1993. Nicknamed Raider, he went to high school in Vancouver, played soccer, wore his hair in dreadlocks and clad himself in hip hop-style clothing.

He also attended several mosques, notably the Dar Al Madinah Islamic Centre in Vancouver, where Sheik Younis Kathrada is a lecturer. Some B.C. Muslims have complained about the harsh rhetoric espoused at the centre, and police took an interest in Mr. Kathrada after lectures that praised jihad and made derogatory comments about Jews were posted on his Web site.

In January, the RCMP raided the home of another of Mr. Kathrada's followers and found a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, a U.S. M-1 rifle, an M-1 carbine module with scope, a Winchester magnum, rifle shells, ammunition belts and daggers.

It's high time that fighting for any foreign army, militia, private mercenary force or terrorist group be made a criminal offence, with the added penalty of forfeiture of Canadian citizenship, whether native-born or naturalized, even if these foreign forces are not in a formal state of war against Canada.

The current treason laws simply are not adequate to meet and punish them because of the requirement for a formal state of war.

The loss of citizenship would keep these jihadis from fighting against Canada in one part of the world, and then rushing back home to demand all the rights and protections of the country whose very civilization they despise.


Dorionhawk said...

Yes loss of citizenship would stop a normal person but as we see in Europe these Jihadists don't give a rats ass about a small piece of paper. What you have to do is put in place a law where if an individual commits these crimes the ENTIRE family will lose their citizenship and be deported. This would put the onus on the family to ensure our laws are followed.

Anonymous said...

The ENTIRE family? That is ridiculous.