Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Last Minute Shopping

With only six shopping days left til Doomsday, the Liberals are rushing around anxiously to buy every vote they can't steal:

A $100-million promise for rail and mass transit. Millions more for labour-training deals with the provinces. About $4.6 billion for new military transport aircraft. A forestry plan worth more than $1 billion that will include a softwood lumber bailout package. The government plans to make those promises - among others - leading up to its expected defeat in a non-confidence vote next Monday.


They already made two big-ticket spending announcements aimed at Canada's largest province Monday: $920 million over five years to improve Ontario's immigration services, and $46 million to help DaimlerChrysler with automobile research and for refurbishing its assembly plant in Windsor, Ont.

Industry Minister David Emerson acknowledged political concerns were speeding up the rate of government spending initiatives.

He said the whirlwind of activity was about getting things done for Canadians before an election.

"What it is coincident with is the fact we could be defeated as a government next week," said Emerson, who offered some details of the Daimler-Chrysler announcement.

"We're trying to clean up as many files as we've had well advanced as we possibly can. "

They're not even trying to pretend anymore that their spending promises are about anything more than simple vote-buying. That's how arrogant the Liberals have gotten: even the simple courtesy of transparent hypocrisy is beneath them now.

Source: Yahoo

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