Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ralph Klein's Sober Considerations

Ralph Klein's defence against the scapegoating he's received from both Grits and Tories for their problems with health care reform sounds more like Tony Blair than the Ralph we all know and love, but he still makes perfect sense:

"The Liberal rhetoric relative to me being the bad boy of health or the boogeyman of health is wrong. It's absolutely wrong. It's bad, it's bad politics and it's b.s. politics," he told reporters.

Klein urged all three federal parties to have an "open and honest debate" about the state of Canada's health-care system when an election is called.

Canadians deserve better access to a health-care system that properly meets their needs, he said.

"If the Canadian system is unsustainable, which it is, and the American system is unacceptable, which it is, let's find a third way," he added.

We'll never have serious health care reform if we're asked to make a false choice between two strawmen, the first being the divine revelation to Tommy Douglas as faithfully transcribed into the Canada Health Act, the second being the heartless capitalist snake pit where rich white are driven in luxury Lamborghini ambulances to five-star emergency suites for their tummy tucks while poor black car crash victims have their mangled bodies tossed by bouncers out the front door.

Besides, people no longer fear even limited private health care in Canada. Too many people have family and friends whose suffering or deaths they have witnessed because of long waiting lines.

Ralph Klein talking reform doesn't send even the CBC's bedwetters under the covers trembling in fear any more.



Jesse Gritter said...

Great post.

"Besides, people no longer fear even limited private health care in Canada."

The Liberal punditocracy seems out of touch with Canadians over the issue of health-care.

And Ralph is right to fire back. But it's amazing how powerful a stereotype can be when perpetrated to the extent that is has been in the case of Ralph Klein.

And, hey, I'll take "the third way." The status quo stinks.

Anonymous said...

Ontario, B.C. and Quebec all have liberal governments and by coindidence I'm sure, all have health premiums, so how in the world can any liberal gov't be in favor of a FREE, Universal Healthcare system that is available
to everyone? Don't forget, in 1995 Paul Martin the slayer of the deficit cut health spending $25 billion. That's their record on healthcare. And actions speak louder then words. Remember also cut backs promote privateization. If you can't get health service in one place, you go to another place, even if you have to pay for it. That's all there is to it. Allan.

Toronto, Ontario.