Sunday, November 06, 2005

Women Off The Firing Line

Following years of experimentation and analysis in the training fields, the British Army has reached an incredible conclusion: men are stronger than women!

The Army is abandoning mixed-sex training units because too many female recruits are getting injured trying to keep up with their male counterparts.

From next April, women will be placed in their own platoons and although the training regime will remain the same, it will be conducted at a pace 'sustainable and commensurate with their physical profile'.

Army chiefs hope the changes will greatly reduce drop-out rates among women after research showed female recruits are up to nine times more likely than men to be discharged through a training-related injury.

Dr James Bilzon, the Army Training and Recruitment Agency's senior scientific adviser, found that women are getting hurt as they try to match men in arduous drills and marches wearing full combat gear.

Mother Nature always wins the argument with the social engineers, sooner or later. The rigours of childbearing are not equivalent to the rigours of combat; what allows them to meet the first prevents from enduring the second.

The value of young women as mothers of the next generation is far too great to society to risk putting them into battle. No society that truly respects women would even consider doing so.

The British Army has at least begun showing the first signs of understanding. But it will not have shown complete wisdom until it has withdrawn women from combat roles, period.

Source: Daily Mail

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