Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Sorry Scott Slags Supporter

Scott Brison's rage and arrogance know no bounds: one day after being forced to apologize to Stephen Harper and the NCC to avoid a libel suit, he's out insulting long-time local Liberals who dare ask him for a little help:

OTTAWA -- A longtime, loyal Liberal is demanding an apology from Public Works Minister Scott Brison, claiming the Nova Scotia MP told her to "kiss my ass" during a dispute in a public restaurant.

Sandra McGrath, who has given three decades as a Grit campaign volunteer, has written to Prime Minister Paul Martin urging him to rein in the rude language and inappropriate behaviour.

After serving two terms on the Human Resources Development Canada Board of Referees, she was upset that Brison had led her to believe she was a shoo-in for the reappointment she ultimately did not get.

During a chance encounter at Acton's Restaurant in Wolfville, N.S., McGrath aired her frustration and advised Brison she would not support him in the next campaign.

"He got very upset. He looked at me and said, 'Well I've got something to tell you. I'm going to be the MP for a very, very long time, and you can kiss my ass,' " she recalled. "We were shocked and dumbfounded. This is a cabinet minister and there's supposed to be ethics in government. If he can't take some heat from the people of Canada, he shouldn't be in cabinet."

Her husband, Daniel McGrath, a lawyer who has also worked for the Liberals for 50 years, was the only witness to the exchange, she said.

A lot of long-time Liberals in Kings-Hants like the McGraths weren't happy to see Brison and his ex-Tory friends push them out of the way. They'll be only too happy to push them out again, and he's giving them every reason to.

Bob Mullan is going to be the MP for a very, very long time.

Source: Edmonton Sun


PR said...

Did Bob Mullan run there last time? I liked the candidate the CPC had last time.

Anonymous said...

I'd see a good ad in one line for Mullan :

"Brison wants you to kiss his ?
Kick him out !"

McGuire said...

Mullan is a very good candidate. He could pull the upset off this time

The Eternal Optomist said...

I agree. Mullan to win and then over time to make this a safe Tory seat.