Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Votes For All

Quebec society has fallen long and hard since Maurice Duplessis and the Catholic Church held sway. The election of openly homosexual cocaine user Andre Boisclair as leader of the Parti Quebecois is further confirmation that Quebec is challenging the Netherlands for top of the league tables in social degeneracy.

But at least one Quebec tradition has survived the Quiet Revolution: good old-fashioned vote rigging:

At least one dog and a plant have reportedly joined thousands of party members in casting votes for a new Parti Québécois leader.

The Globe and Mail quotes a source in one of the leadership campaigns as saying that a long-haired Chihuahua and a plant were able to register as PQ members.

They also received all the necessary credentials needed to cast a telephone vote, the source says.

The dog - Pixelle Daoust - even received a birthday card recently from interim party leader Louise Harel.

The Globe said the source, who produced the dog's PQ membership card, says Pixelle voted for former PQ cabinet minister Andre Boisclair.

The plant - using the name Gilbert Laplante - voted for the environmentalist candidate Jean Ouimet, with frontrunner Boisclair as its second choice.

The Union Nationale were unimaginative amateurs by comparison in limiting voter recruitment to the cemeteries.

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