Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another Unwanted Holiday Season Election

Israelis are expected to go to the polls on March 28 next year after the Labour Party withdrew from the Likud Party-led governing coalition.

That's right between Purim (March 14) and Passover (April 13).

Why isn't Ariel Sharon telling the Israeli people that they don't want an election in between two major holidays?

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Anonymous said...

Politics in Israel and Canada are very different. What I hate is how the liberals use the media to their
own advantage and use it to portray
Stephen Harper as 'scarry' We should be allowed to make an informed decision. But when the media are in on it, eg. CBC, CTV, Toronto Star, Globe, National Post etc. all trying to influence you to vote liberal then it's up to us
to find out the truth. Stephen Harper is not scarry as the media portrays it, he's Canadian, he's from Toronto (how many people know that), Family man, who cares about his Country like we do. Maybe that should be part of his message when they hit the hustings. Maybe the worst thing the media can do is not
report anything about him or the CPC. If we don't know anything about them, then how can we vote for them. How can we vote on someone who we don't know. I don't know. Anyways, let's get the message out there.