Saturday, November 12, 2005

Taxpayers Screwed For Sex Changes

Your cousin can't work because his knees are killing him and he has to wait months for an MRI to find the problem.

Your grandmother has become addicted to painkillers while she waits for cancer treatment.

Your father-in-law died waiting for the heart surgery that could have saved his life.

They may have suffered needlessly because the money for their treatment went to somebody who thinks he's a man trapped in a woman's body.

And others will suffer for that same reason too again:

The Ontario government has been ordered to cover the costs of sexual reassignment surgery for three transsexuals left stranded when the previous Tory government delisted the service in 1998.

In an interim ruling, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario found the province discriminated against them based on a disability when it cut funding for the surgery on Oct. 1, 1998.

Ontario had paid for the procedure since 1969. It's now the only province that doesn't.

Diagnosed with "gender identity disorder," an internationally recognized medical condition, Martine Stonehouse, Michelle Hogan and a third complainant known only as A.B. were patients at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health's Gender Identity Clinic in Toronto on the day the funding ended.

So-called sex change surgery is as cruel, barbaric and medically unsound as the ancient practice of bleeding patients half to death.

It does not make men women or women men, because it does not change their DNA, nor will they take on the reproductive functions of the opposite sex.

Instead, they become mere simulations of the opposite sex, with their genitals mutilated and their bodies pumped full of hormones.

The influence of the homosexual lobby has kept this dangerous and disgusting practice going; now it's getting the Ontario taxpayer to pay for it again.

Someone is going to die on a waiting for legitimate treatment so that some perverted narcissist can get himself a pair of breasts and a fake vagina. Is that what Tommy Douglas envisioned for public health care?


David Simpson said...

Maybe elective surgery of this kind should be diverted to private clinics? Are people dying now because some people get breast implants or hair transplants?

Loyalist said...

Very likely, since there are only so many dollars to go around.

kariba said...

David's comment regarding breast implants and hair transplants is a little misleading because I do believe that those procedures are not paid for by the taxpayer.

Regarding the taxpayer paying for sex-change operations: what about someone who felt they were really Raquel Welch living inside Rita McNeil's body...should the taxpayer pay for their liposuction, nips, tucks, facelifts and breast augmentation so they could look more like her?

I mean, you have to draw the line. Like Loyalist said, sex change operations don't really make you the opposite sex...just a bad copy of it. What's next? The taxpayer paying for transvestite's dresses?...