Monday, November 21, 2005

Sorry Scott

Scott Brison has apologized to Stephen Harper and the National Citizens' Coalition for falsely claiming that they had both violated laws regarding registering as lobbyists and third-party election advertising.

The full text of Brison's apology may be found at Gerry Nicholls' blog.

Following on the heels of his most vicious anti-Harper rant yet to date, one wonders just whether Brison's animus towards Harper is more than just the usual overheated political rhetoric.

Does Brison secretly regret having jumped ship to the Liberals to become the defender of Adscam's most indefensible?

Does he see Stephen Harper where he always saw himself, and despise him for that?

If so, it's a shame, because Brison had a great political future ahead of him in the Conservative Party. He let his personal life override his political instincts, and now he will be remembered as just another turncoat, used, abused, and thrown away.

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The Eternal Optomist said...

I think his Parliamentary career will come to an end at the next election.