Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gomery: Vox Populi

Here's a biased sampling of public reaction from Toronto Star readers:

Here we are stuck between a rock and a hard place again. The Liberals are corrupt and lazy, but the Conservatives' core values go against the values of most people I know. What can we do?
Jacob Rens, Oakville, Nov. 1

What the smug yet timid Ontario always does; hide under the bed at the very mention of Stephen Harper.

I do not see why everyone is making such a fuss over $355 million. That is pocket change for a government whose annual GDP is almost $1 trillion. Further, if we were to divide the $355 million amongst the population (32.3 million), that amounts to an insignificant sum of $11 per person. Do we really want to spend another few million dollars and hold an election over $11?
Aaron Muchelle, Mississauga, Nov. 1

The desperate defence of every small-time thief and embezzler is that he only took a few bucks from the rich guys who wouldn't miss it.

I bet if I hit Aaron over the head and took $11 out of his wallet, he wouldn't shrug his shoulders and write it off as no big deal.

It's the breach of trust that's offensive, no matter the amount. There's no such thing as a little acceptable skimming from the public or company funds.

While it's only natural for people to lose faith in the Liberal party after such a scandal, what frightens me more is the possibility of the Conservative party coming into power as a result. It's likely that people will view them as the most viable alternative and I'd really hate to see what would become of this great country if the Conservatives were allowed to implement their politically and socially regressive ideas.
Scott Warren, Toronto, Nov. 1

When all else fails, fall back on the old slogan: "Vote for the crooks, not the fascists."

Who cares if the government robs us blind so long as Suzy can have her first abortion on demand at 14 and little Johnny can take a man twice his age to the grad and then marry him?

Although not named, Ontarians are partly responsible for this scandal as they repeatedly kept Chrétien in office, although it was clear he was running this country as his "kingdom."
Jason Fournier, Acton, Nov. 1

A rare bit of introspection from an Ontario voter. Or at least someone with an Ontario address. Are you sure you're a real Ontarian, Jason?

Now that it's over and done with the country can move on. Voters need to follow the report and distinguish Martin from Chrétien's Liberals during the next election and return a majority, and therefore, effective government.
Tony Simon, Kitchener, Nov. 1

Of course. Back then the Liberals were led by a left-leaning incompetent yet arrogant Quebec politician. Now they're led by a left-leaning incompetent yet arrogant Quebec politician. See the difference a few years make?


robyn said...

I read comments like the ones from the Toronto Star readers and I can feel my blood pressure go up. What a frustrating bunch of twaddle. The problem is, there are lots of folks who are horribly misguided and there isn't a damn thing you can do to change their minds. I know that from debating issues with leftists on my blog...I can give them hard, concrete facts and it doesn't make one whit of difference. The scary part of it all is that these same folks would willingly accept a dictatorship of Liberals in perpetuity.

Michael said...

"The scary part of it all is that these same folks would willingly accept a dictatorship of Liberals in perpetuity."

And you wouldn't accept a dictatorship of Tories in perpetuity if you had the chance? Every party's core supporters want their party always to win. It is the nature of politics, why is this surprising to you?

robyn said...

No, Maritime Liberal, I would not accept a "dictatorship" of any kind, regardless of which party it was. A dictatorship means the end of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Maritime Liberal

Its obvious Tories don't think that way. When Mulroney was involved in relatively minor (in comparison) scandals and patronage, Tories voted him out.


Les Mackenzie said...

I'd just like to say I'm from Ontario and I think that Ottawa needs to clean house.

I don't need Martins hand in my pocket stealing any amount of money.

The Fog is Clearing said...

Anonymous is right. When Mulroney was invloved in, by comparison, relatively minor scandals, Tories voted him out.

Why don't Liberals show the same kind of integrity and vote Martin and his gang out ?

Anonymous said...

It is telling that one of the people said "a government whose annual GDP is $1 trillion" as though the government created that wealth. Ontario for you.

Jason Fournier said...

Yes, Loyalist, I am a real Ontarian. I have been as frustrated as Robyn when it comes to having discussions with voters who appear intelligent, but look me straight in the eye and say "well, yes, the Liberals are crooks, but I just don't know about Day/Harper" (I started this conversation shortly into the Chrétien Dynasty).