Saturday, November 05, 2005

Out West Somewhere

More evidence of the Liberals' invincible ignorance of the West:

Revenue Minister John McCallum has again showed that while he may be a brilliant economist, he has a recurring problem with geography.

This time, McCallum has confused Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Previously, as minister of defence, McCallum confused Vichy, the seat of the French government that collaborated with the Nazis during the Second World War, with Vimy, the First World War battle.

Now he's earned the ire of Conservative MP Brian Pallister of Manitoba after telling him "Saskatoon is near where the honourable member lives."

Pallister sent McCallum a geography primer, including the useful information that his riding of Portage-la-Prairie is 700 kilometres from Saskatoon, and asking if there is riding envy involved.

"I understand the minister's Freudian desire to shrink the distance between my riding and Saskatoon considering there are no Liberal members" between the two, Pallister said.

McCallum fired back with a Freudian reference as well: "I would quote from his mentor Sigmund Freud who said, 'Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.' "

McCallum wouldn't dare have said that Montreal or Toronto is somewhere near Ottawa, even though both cities lie much closer to Ottawa than Saskatoon to Portage la Prairie.

The press would have ridiculed him as a geographic illiterate for weeks the way they did to Stockwell Day when he said that the Niagara River flows south.

But outside the Toronto-Ottawa-Montreal corridor, everything is just terra incognita to the Liberals.

Source: Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

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