Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Beast Of B.C. To Be Set Free?

Not at all likely, even though he has done his 25 years.

But this is the National Parole Board we're talking about, so don't underestimate the willingness of their more soft-hearted and soft-headed appointees to extend a wholly undeserved mercy to Clifford Olson:

The National Parole Board is preparing to hold a parole hearing next month for the most prolific serial killer in Canadian history — Clifford Olson.

In August, Mr. Olson, the self-described Beast of B.C., completes the 25-year parole eligibility requirement of his life sentence for the murder of 11 children. His parole hearing will be held in the Quebec penitentiary where he is incarcerated.

Diane BĂ©lisle, a parole board spokesperson, confirmed yesterday that since Mr. Olson, 66, has not signalled any intention to waive his hearing, it is being scheduled for next month. “When the exact date is set, all the persons who requested to be at the hearing will be notified,” she said.


Mr. Olson pleaded guilty in 1982 to 11 counts of murder as part of a deal with police and the B.C. Attorney-General.

In return for his plea and for helping police find the bodies and personal effects of 10 of his victims, $100,000 was placed in trust for his family.

Life can mean life, if the Parole Board sticks to its guns and denies Olson parole.

Let's hope it does.

At least there's one benefit of not having the death penalty; he can't make himself a cause celebre for the left in quite the same way as Death Row inmates such as Tookie Williams did.

Source: Globe and Mail


Anonymous said...

If he is let out he won't last too long on the outside. I bet there are people lined up to do things to this monster that even he couldn't imagine.

Roy Eappen said...
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Roy Eappen said...

I am pretty sur this butcher will not be released, even though I don't trust the NPB. I still want HM New government to eliminate the faint hope clause and extend the sentence to no parole for 35 years minimum for murder. Better still bring back the noose!