Tuesday, June 06, 2006

CBC Terror Strike?

Thanks to the good work of law enforcement and intelligence services, Stephen Harper still has his head on his shoulders.

Incredibly, however, had this plot not been broken up in time, the terrorists might have ended up winning the undying emnity of the left.

The very thought of seeing Peter Mansbridge, George Stromboulopoulos, Shelagh Rogers and Promo Girl-- Promo Girl!--murdered at the hands of the very people the left has been trying hardest to appease might have finally convinced the liberal crowd of the futility of appeasing Islamic terrorists.

Or maybe not.

1 comment:

h2o273kk9 said...

If the CBC were taken over by Islamofascists...would anyone notice?

We don't call it Al-Jazera North for nothing!

I call it a win for our side to see Anna Maria Tremonti in a Burqa.