Thursday, June 01, 2006

Bountiful Pleasures

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, that ever-fruitful cornucopia of rights you never even knew you had, may yet bring forth the right to polygamy.

Winston Blackmore rejoices with his 26 wives in Bountiful, B.C., at the prospect.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of little-known Muslim practitioners in Canada will also rejoice.

The secular liberal polyamorists can't wait for the day when some court grants them marriage licences.

Rich jerks who take multiple girlfriends as trophies will be bragging about how many wives they can collect.

And thirtysomething career women who bemoan the fact that all the good men are married will convince themselves that taking a share in a husband is better than holding out for all of one they'll never get.

But happiest of all will the family law bar, whose members will grow incredibly rich off the domestic contracts, divorces and child custody battles to come.


Anonymous said...

And in the meantime, as "single parents", these women are entitled to the full child tax benefit, GST, and any other provincial and federal credits available. Most of them are not gainfully employed, but, as with the situation in Bountiful, there are 26 wives who have borne over 100 children. Do the math.

Anonymous said...

Purchasing wives and husbands from overseas could become a real booming business, no need to prove the marriage is legitimate, a bill of sale will do.

Les Mackenzie said...

I love that news group link - did you google it or was it on your hotlist? LOL

Great post!

Anonymous said...

FYI the actual place name is Lister, just outside of Creston

in case anyone wanted to Know