Saturday, June 03, 2006

He's A Poet And Doesn't Know It

One of the quickest ways for a prisoner to win plaudits from the left is to become a jailhouse litterateur as a demonstration of the newfound peaceful and sensitive nature of the unfortunate penitent, whose writings alone merit him the remission of his debt to society.

In that vein, Toronto terror suspect Zakaria Amara's versification will make him an appealling figure to those who believe that the men arrested today are but victims of racism and xenophobia.

Here's a sample of Amara's verse:


I'll always be a contender

Yes, I know my bones are very tender

And by Allah you won't see me surrender

Look at my eyes? You'll see no butterflies

My home is filled with cries... due to all the lost lives

But I swear by Allah I'll never compromise

I'll still throw the stones even with my broken bones

Why can't I hear from you, don't you have any phones?

Ya I forgot, your not on the chase, try it out and put your self in my place

Soon I'll return to my lord , the one that deserves every grace

Oh you don't have to worry cause of me you'll find no trace

It really is to late, why did you wait?

You could have sent me at least one dinner plate

I guess it is my fate

And La Ilaha Illa Allah is my mate.

For his poetasting alone, Amara deserves to rot in jail.

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