Thursday, June 01, 2006

Volpemania: Prescription For Trouble

This former Apotex executive's children should be commended not only for their interest in political affairs but also for their entrepreneurial spirit. It takes a heck of a lot of work at the lemonade stand and mowing neighbours' lawns to raise that sort of scratch:

Two 11-year-olds donated $10,800 to Joe Volpe's Liberal leadership campaign, and their 14-year-old brother gave another $5,400.

The sums were from children of former Apotex Inc. vice-president Allen Shechtman and were among the 20 donations totalling $108,000 to Mr. Volpe's campaign from five current and former executives of the firm and 15 of their family members.

Twins Matthew and Rebecca Shechtman made their donations of $5,400 each six days before their 12th birthday on April 26, according to Mr. Volpe's campaign-finance reports filed with Elections Canada and a published birth notice.

Their brother Noah, 14, gave another $5,400, as did each of his parents, Allen and Mary Shechtman, who are related by marriage to Barry Sherman, the chairman of Apotex Inc., Canada's largest generic-drug maker.

Mr. Shechtman should be very proud of his children, both for their enterprise and their political discernment, reflective of a maturity beyond theur years. How few children would spend the money they've worked for so wisely.

Source: Globe and Mail


Anonymous said...

The kids are entitled to their entitlements

Anonymous said...

What a joke!