Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Fiery Thirst

No disrespect intended to the good people of Newfoundland, but somehow I wasn't surprised to hear that this story came from there:

The entire volunteer fire department in a Newfoundland town has resigned, following a new policy that forbids drinking alcohol in the local fire hall.

The Point Leamington fire hall had doubled for years as an unofficial bar for the community of about 700 on the island's northeast coast.

Fire Chief Fraser Stuckless said he complied with a town order this spring to stop selling booze to the public.

However, he said the force of a dozen firefighters should still be allowed to enjoy a drink on special occasions.

"The other fire departments, they do have alcohol …. The alcohol is there for personal use for the firemen and, as far as I'm concerned, we should be allowed to do the same," said Stuckless.

What's the harm in having a beer or two at the fire hall? It doesn't sound like the firemen were getting drunk on the job.

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