Sunday, June 25, 2006

Bill Graham Shows His Pride

And Lawrence Metherel was nowhere to be seen:

Men in white dinner jackets and beaded necklaces stood chatting with others in shorts and tropical shirts last night at a Pride garden party thrown by interim Liberal leader Bill Graham.

"It's all about bringing people together," said Graham, circulating among guests at his annual event in a lush backyard owned by a friend in the heart of Cabbagetown.

"This started out 10 or 12 years ago as a party designed to bring AIDS activists together with community leaders and some politicians to talk about things around Pride," he said.

"Then people said, `I would like to come, I would like to come' — it expanded by word of mouth and now it's too big for my own house."

As guests began to stream in after 7 p.m., the backyard revealed itself in stages. A patio tucked behind a red brick coach house led to a more expansive area with a fountain and replicas of Roman statues."An event is not a party unless they invite me," said Enza "Supermodel" Anderson, in a low-cut dress and busy as social columnist for the newspaper Metro.

Read more about the sort of people the interim leader of Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition likes to party with here. A veritable Roman orgy, to be sure.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I wonder which way Bill Graham will vote regarding the bill to raise the age of consent...

Steve Kanter said...

Those crazy liberals are ruinning our country!

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