Friday, June 23, 2006

Dance With The Devil

Hey, Buzz! Here's some poor oppressed workers in need of a union!

RACIAL DISCRIMINATION, unfair wages and poor working conditions are just some of the challenges facing local exotic dancers, according to new research to be presented today.

From quotas on black dancers and higher fees for larger women, to dirty dressing rooms and poorly maintained stages, Dancers for Equal Rights (DERA) director Samantha Smyth said quantitative research suggests it's time for change.

"The five key issues are economic issues, health and safety issues, human rights issues, legal and public education for dancers themselves about what their rights are," she said.

Besides identifying the problems, so organizations like DERA can help dancers stick up for their rights, Smyth said the goal of the project is also to help quash public misconceptions about strippers.

Not much sympathy for anyone involved here: the women who do this degrading work, the sleazeballs who run the strip clubs, or the jerks who patronize them.

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