Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Jihadists With Guns. In Our Army. In Canada.

Imagine if he'd been called up on active duty and sent to Afghanistan:

The lawyer for Steven Chand, also known as Abdul Shakur, said Tuesday that his client is accused of wanting to storm Parliament, behead the prime minister and attack a number of sites, including the CBC building in Toronto.

A newspaper report on Tuesday said Chand had been a member of the Royal Regiment of Canada, a reservist unit, and that he had been given weapons training.

The Toronto Star said the military confirmed, but downplayed, Chand's military connection.

"He spent a large portion of his time in the Canadian Forces on leave of absence," Cmdr. Denise Laviolette told the newspaper.

"It looks like he did not complete his military trade training," she added.

Chand joined the reserves in June 2000 and served until April 2004.

No wonder the Forces wants to downplay this story, when stories like this get people wondering about the loyalties of Muslims in uniform.

Source: CBC

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Mark Dowling said...

on the contrary - 48 hours in Afghanistan on CF patrols would probably have been enough to change his alleged opinions entirely!