Friday, June 16, 2006


Isn't it rather strange that all of these unnamed Conservative operatives have been trying to convince lightweight Toronto-area Liberals and ethically challenged ex-cabinet ministers to cross the floor at a time when Joe Volpe's fundraising shenanigans have been headlining the Liberal leadership race?

Give us the names, Judy. Give us the names, Andy. Give us the names, Ruby.


TrustOnlyMulder said...

I would love to know the names too. This isn't like the Grewal B.S. from the last parliament.

I echo you in saying "Give us the names!!"

Anonymous said...

In a related story, Adolph Hitler claims he has been asked to run for the leadership of the state of Isreal.

Anonymous said...

Grewal B.S.?

I assume you mean the tapes that proved Paul Martin knew about bribing people to cross the floor,and Volpe then threatened Grewal with a RCMP investigation and possible deportation for "Alleged" errors on entry edocuments to Canada.

While Grewal was only "Alleged" to have taken $50'000 from immigrants for his campaign in exchange for a Landed-Status , Svend Robinson was caught right on a security video stealing a $60'000 piece of jewelery and the Liberals ,NDP and media made Svend out to be a Victim.

I can see how the Grewal case is BS , but it's Liberal BS where they smear people that are a threat.
Volpe gets to be in a Leaders race and Svend was let back into the NDP to run in the 2006 election.
Only in Canada.

Surecure said...

Seriously, when Ruby Dhalla came forward saying she was being lured, I though, "Well, maybe."

But Judy f@#$ing Sgro?!?!? You've got to be kidding me? If she is saying this, then I have to admit that I don't believe a single word of it. It doesn't make sense at all. Why would a member of the CPC even consider asking Sgro after they basically nailed her to the wall?

It is obvious that Sgro is trying to work a little vengeance, and that's all. Now, I don't even believe Dhalla's claim anymore. It is so ridiculous that it couldn't possibly be true.

Toronto Tory said...
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Toronto Tory said...

There are lots of Liberal MPs in the GTA. Of all of them, I think Sgro would be the 2nd to last that the Conservatives would pick.

Volpe would be last, of course.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Why don't they give out the names? Could it be because it's all fiction? Or a dream? Give me a break.

Roy Eappen said...

Ruby Dhalla ??? If she had joined our party I would been sicl. She is a shrill, anti american fiberal. she isright she doesn't have our valies. She is a fibera;.

TangoJuliette said...

In addition to all the popcorn and beer we'd be enjoying, we might as well get Jody aGoGo around to fast-track the strippers and the hookers, and get that saucy chripractor to pick up all the falling tassels and pasties.

I hear that the man with the dogs, Democrat Sherrif Bull Connor, is running for head of the NAACP. Maqybe wqe should go after Volpe as well. We need someone with an inside track on $200 pizzas to run our Childrens' Crusades.

"Give us the names, ya MAH-rrroooonz. You won't. 'Cause ya can't. 'Cause there ain't none!! Just what were your Defeated Democrat US style politicians and you folks all smoking up there at Mont Tremblant?"

Imagine. The noodles who gave this country 36% INCREASES in our Kyoto targets want to make the environment THE single key issue for the next election? I don't believe they could be that obtuse and stooopid. I mean, really?

hunter said...

Even Duffy was having a hard time believing those lines.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, you are dreaming if you think the Conservatives would ever want you. She is a shrill, one issue, no brains politician. She can't even ask intellegent questions on healthcare, her portfolio, because, she is too intent on trying to make the Minister look bad. This will not work, he is so far above her in standards and ethics that she can never match up. Ruby, ummmh that private clinic you own?? Oh, right you are not a Minister, so you can keep on soaking people out of their money. Why are the Liberals not attacking PM Harper? Well, it seems he is an average Joe, not like Millionaire Martin.