Tuesday, June 20, 2006

No Camp For The Camp

Is it too late to ask James Loney's kidnappers to take him back?

Former Iraq hostage James Loney says his homosexuality is behind a decision by Ontario's Knights of Columbus to close a Catholic youth leadership camp.

Loney and the Christian Peacemakers Team claim in a statement released yesterday that his decision to disclose his relationship with partner Dan Hunt after his release prompted the closure of the camp where he is a staff member.

The Ontario Catholic Youth Leadership Camp, near Orillia, was to operate this year between Aug. 21 and Aug. 26.

Reached at his Peterborough home last night Jack Clancey, a Knights of Columbus official, said the decision to close the camp had nothing to do with the organization's views on homosexuality.

"That statement is totally out of left field," said Clancey. "We closed down that leadership camp because we needed to review the way we were going and the curriculum that we were teaching."

Loney plans a news conference today. But his statement yesterday drew a connection between the decision to close the camp and apparent concerns it was "promoting a homosexual lifestyle."

Loney and Hunt are being given the "Fearless" award at a fundraising gala and awards dinner tonight as part of Toronto's Pride Week festivities in recognition of their perseverance during the hostage ordeal.

Whenever James Loney doesn't get his way, or is in the least bit inconvenienced, it's because he's homosexual. Everyone must accomodate themselves to his whims and predilections. Including the Knights of Columbus, who, bearing in mind the ephebophile sex scandals in the Church, might not have wanted to risk a lawsuit by letting two open homosexuals run around camp for a week with teenage boys.

In any event, so long as Loney remains an open and unrepentant homosexual, he is hardly fit to assume a leadership role within groups such as the Christian Peacemakers or Catholic Worker. Dorothy Day must be spinning in her grave at the thought of seeing Loney besmirch her movement's good name.

Source: Toronto Star


Thought said...

Wait, some of your comments made some sense... But then the whole thing about him not being able to assume a leadership role because he's homosexual? Whats up with that? I'm pretty sure that he would be just as capable as anybody else regardless of his sexual orientation. Not to mention the fact that the Christian Peacemakers themselves are ecumenical and not confined to a single branch of Christianity, making that point completely baseless, as several branches of Christianity support homosexuals.
The Thought does agree with the whole "using homosexuality" as a shield thing though. Thats a bit of an overstep on Loney's part making what seems to be unfounded assumptions.

Anonymous said...

Loney is one sick little fuckhead . . . he should seek medical aid quickly

Anonymous said...

So he'll support the pride parade where naked men will flaunt their penis in from of children while our Mayor and Police Chief stay mute about our public nudity Laws, but Loney draws the line at denying him access to young boys at a summer camp run by Catholics.

Since Loney has already shown he doesn't condemn quasi-pedophilia in the Pride parade, why is he and other gays shocked that Parents would be uneasy about him being alone with young boys out in the woods or a boat.

This summer my kid takes a soap-on-a-rope to camp , plus he'll sleep on him back with a hockey mouthguard to prevent any accidents if a male counsellor should trip and his penis become hard and pops out of his pant and lands on the top bunk of a young boys area in the dorm.

Just to be safe you know....not all male pedophiles are attracked to boys , and heterosexaul pedophiles don't always lust for girls.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

If you're gay or a native, you get special treatment in Canada. Their rights are more "equal" than ours. The problem is that if they keep yelling "gay rights' abuse" for every little thing, we'll all either become totally immune to it eventually, or else go broke funding their side of infinite human rights' cases. Then we'll all go on pogey. Except there won't be a government left to fund the system.