Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Ma Bell Is Watching You

My response to Ma Bell: keep right on watching.

My RCMP and CSIS files are probably already a foot thick just from their monitoring of this blog. And my name is almost certainly on the list of prospective detainees for "hate crimes" and "un-Canadian activities" as a result.

There's nothing the ISPs can do to me that's any worse.

Source: Globe and Mail


doug said...

Good lord, what a morass of paranoia, projection, and just plain looniness I encountered when I actually went to the Globe article you cited.

Not in the article --- in the comments.

Whoo- doggie, maybe they really only do come out at night. Little did I know that this was yet another Bush plot, implemented by his chief lackey here, designed to imprison us all in a new gulag.

As for Sympatico -- it sucks anyway. Why anyone would sign up for it is beyond me. I get way better service,unlimited traffic, access to Usenet, and all for much less than Bell charged me.

Sympatico is a rip-off, but I could care less about the Government wanting to have access to user data. Sure they 'could' misuse the information, but in all reality if ever the Government wants to go down that road, a law here or there won't be enough to stop them.

I have nothing to hide ( or at least nothing the Government is interested in). So as you said ' Keep right on watching'.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Yeah, I have no problem with it either. The RCMP needs flexibility to deal with terrorist investigations etc.

Anonymous said...

Canada IS a haven for Terrorists. Whatever the RCMP NEED TO DO to sniff the scurs out, so be it.