Monday, June 05, 2006

In Case Of Emergency

No man's life, liberty and property is safe while the legislature is in session--Mark Twain

Fortunately for Canadians, even should Parliament be blown to bits, it will still continue to function from an undisclosed location.

And the pogey will still keep flowing, lest the terrorists should be allowed to win:

A former head of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service said it would appear impossible for terrorists to keep people from receiving Employment Insurance cheques, for instance.

The Department of Human Resources and Social Development keeps backup copies of recipients' names and stores them in separate locations.

"If (an attack) happened just the day before all the cheques were going to go out you might have a few days' delay," said Reid Morden, who ran CSIS from 1988 until 1992.

"But I don't think it would be much more than that."

You may all breathe more easily.

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Anonymous said...

Pogey is Canada's only indestructible institution? That fills everyone with pride....