Monday, June 26, 2006

From Spuds To Buds

From the bright red mud, they're rollin' up the fat ones, smilin'.

But it's no laughing matter to the Mounties, because P.E.I. has got itself a booming drug trade:

Since 2000, investigations of 88 individual indoor and outdoor grow operations in Prince Edward Island each led to the seizure of marijuana plants. Elmwood, Summerside and Murray Harbour lead the pack with four grow ops each that police uncovered in the past six-plus years.


A recent raid in Charlottetown that netted police drugs, money and other items believed to be the proceeds of crime included a search and seizure on Route 81, the official merchandising store of the Hells Angels.

In a 2002 report on outlaw motorcycle gangs, the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada determined that the Hells Angels Halifax chapter had influence over the Charlottetown Harley Club in P.E.I.

Also, the report concluded that a successful operation against the Hells Angels Halifax chapter indicated “the gang’s extensive involvement in drug trafficking.’’

Meanwhile, Conrad said police have serious concern with the increased demand in P.E.I. for drugs that can pack a deadly punch.

Demand is strong in the province for hard-core prescription drugs, cocaine and crack cocaine, he said.

Trust me, coming from the backwoods of Nova Scotia myself, I know this too well; the most bucolic places have the seediest undersides.

Source: Charlottetown Guardian


Steve Kanter said...

Wow. We really need to crack down on this drug problem. The liberals really left the country in a bad shape.


Kanter On Politics

doug said...

"Wow. We really need to crack down on this drug problem."--Steve

Yeah like that process has really worked so well these past long decades.

All the 'war-on-drugs' has accomplished is lots of low-level easily replaceable guys in the slammer(at a colossal expense to US), and the growth of vicious outlaws such as the Hells Angles into a major-league criminal organization.

Legalise the 'bud', and half the problems will go away. Separate the 'wheat from the chaff' by treating 'soft drugs the same way we treat booze, and the 'cachet' of drug use will lose its lustre.Then we only have to worry about the 'dangerous' stuff, or more precisely worry about the consequences of its use. Those who are determined to inflict damage upon themselves will usually find a way to so do. Always have-- always will.

Legalise It !!

True for Peter Tosh--- Truer Now.