Friday, June 16, 2006

Haq Job

No doubt Sheik Riyadh ul-Haq is an unpleasant character and provocateur, and on those grounds alone, should not be allowed to come to Canada to preach the message of jihad to Canada's Muslims.

But if you look at the reasons one self-styled moderate Muslim leader doesn't want him here, they could, with some stretching, be applied to Pope Benedict XVI:

"He's is a nasty piece of work," said Tarek Fatah, host of the weekly television program The Muslim Chronicle. He warned that such conferences as the ones where Mr. Haq is scheduled to speak are dangerous because they often mix politics and religion.

"All he will do [is] create doubt in the minds of young people [as to] whether Canada, as a society, is a viable place for Muslims to live in. He's going to make insinuations against gender equity, about same-sex marriage," Mr. Fatah predicted.

One suspects that the cultural climate will have shifted so much by 2008 that the Canadian government will refuse Pope Benedict entry to attend the International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec City--if the Congress itself isn't already banned--for promoting "inequality", "intolerance", "sexism" and "homophobia".

But the likes of Sheik ul-Haq will have the red carpet rolled out for him:

Mr. Haq left Birmingham Central Mosque three years ago after becoming involved in a sex scandal that led to a drive-by murder. He was questioned about the murder but not charged. The Sunday Mercury reported that during court hearings related to the murder, it was revealed Mr. Haq had secretly married a second wife.

The cleric also drew attention after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks by accusing the British government of "whipping up suspicion" against Muslims on the "flimsiest excuse." He also said British Prime Minister Tony Blair was "gung-ho" to bomb Afghanistan.

In Friday prayers after the 9/11 attacks, Mr. Haq urged Muslims to be skeptical of Mr. Blair and U.S. President George W. Bush "when they say this is not a war against Islam."

"My conclusion was that I don't believe them," Mr. Haq told the New York Times. "Their actions belie their claim because they are bombing Muslims in Afghanistan, a totally ravaged country.

"They say they are not against Muslims, but Blair has participated in campaigns against Sudan, Iraq and Afghanistan, and all three are Muslim countries."

His message and conduct warms the hearts of our country's progressives, so he'll have no trouble and face no protests when he comes.

Source: National Post


Anonymous said...

Tarek if a funny one to figure out , he tries to play both sides of the debates and yet when he speaks he says nothing.

Tarek should have used Muhammad as the example of someone that would be banned from Canada, the pedophilia and antisemitism only would keep him out .

thirsty scribe said...

Well, there is a huge difference between Pope B16 and someone like ul-Haq. The Pope is also a head of state. As for making 'insinuations about same-sex marriage', there is a big difference between the Christian position on marriage and advocating murder of homosexuals (something which Islamic clerics talk about).

Of course, the Pope does not talk about politics nearly as much as Islamic clerics, for whom religion and politics are virtually synonymous.

Loyalist said...

Yes, the Pope is a head of state, but so are Mahmoud Ahmedinejad and Kim Jong Il.

I fully expect the Vatican to be declared a rogue state by a future progressive-minded government and treated accordingly.

All in the name of human rights and tolerance, of course.

radiofreerome said...

I certainly hope B16 will be denied a visa to the US. When he was prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith he advocated against all non-discrimination laws on the basis of sexual orientation. Given that Catholics have all the protections he would deny to gay people, his political influence is completely inimical to the idea of equal protection under the law.

Moreover, Benedict helped the founder of the Legionairies of Christ avoid facing charges of child sexual slavery.

As for the Vatican being declared a rogue state, it's a simple fact. The Vatican harbors Bishop Hilarion Capucci, a supplier of weapons to Palestinian terrorists. Furthermore, Bishop Marcinkus, the Vatican banker and an American living in the U.S., is using Vatican diplomatic immunity so that he won't be compelled to testify in murder investigations connected with the Vatican banking scandal.