Monday, June 05, 2006

Hostage To Stupidity

The man suffering from the most protracted case of Stockholm Syndrome in recent memory has resurfaced at a most inauspicious time for himself and his cause:

TORONTO (CP) - A Christian activist who garnered international headlines as a hostage in Iraq is joining a protest march against Canada's system of detaining suspected foreign terrorists indefinitely without charge or trial.

James Loney, who spent four months in captivity in Iraq, planned to catch up with the "freedom caravan" in Belleville, Ont., on Tuesday.

In an interview, Loney told The Canadian Press that he feels both an obligation to, and kinship with, the Muslim men currently detained as threats to national security.

Perhaps Loney and his fellow activists could stand as sureties for these men, if they are so concerned about their detention and certain of their law-abiding nature?

They could also volunteer to do the same for the crew arrested last week in Toronto.

Put your money where your mouth is. Take the risk of bailing them out.

Any takers?

Didn't think so.

Source: Yahoo


Anonymous said...

Has this idiot every expressed any REAL remorse for the guy who didnt come home??

You know, that poor American who was kidnapped along with him and brutally murdered with his body left to rot in a garbage pile??

Does Loney feel any "kinship" to those who are brutally murdered by those he is seeking to be an apologist for??

Ahhhh....but then again, his murdered pal was JUST AN AMERICAN and deep down, maybe Loney is just another one of those America Haters. Yep, all the worlds troubles are their fault right Loney?

Maybe its too bad that Loney wasn't the "one who didnt come home"

Anonymous said...

What's also ironic is that Loney kept his homosexuality secret--why? Because he would have been beheaded and paraded around the streets if those he seeks to protect would have found out. This guy is a moral idiot, with no idea what is right or wrong. He deserves everything he gets if he goes back over there.

Anonymous said...

What an *sshole. He should be given back to the 'freedom fighters' who chop off people's heads and massacre high school kids.