Saturday, June 17, 2006

How To Succeed In Indian Land Claims Without Really Trying

Indians looking to take over "ancestral" lands now have a wonderful new precedent set by Dalton McGuinty:

1. Find a valuable bit of land near the reserve.
2. If such land doesn't exist, any other valuable land will do. You were here first, after all.
3. Round up a bunch of local thugs from the reserve.
4. Set up barricades.
5. Claim that said land was stolen from your ancestors centuries ago from the greedy white man.
6. Let media bias carry your message far and wide.
7. Welcome outside militant Indians on to the land for support.
8. Shout about racism and cultural genocide when the police get sent.
9. Let simmer for a few months.
10. Let the government buy the land for you.
11. Take the money and distribute to the band chief, band council and their cronies.
12. Take what's left, if any, and spend some of it on actually fixing up the lands and reserve.
13. Repeat the process as often as desired.

$45 million is just the beginning, folks.


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Check out today's Post. Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Ramsay says we ain't seen nothing yet!

Ottawa Core said...

that's shallow, uninformed, and biased. well done, you're right on the top of the heap of thoughtless puppetry.