Monday, June 05, 2006

Left Nuts Hanging Out

The self-loathing reflex has already been engaged and the conspiracy theorists are out in full force to suggest that this weekend's Islamic terror plot arrests are nothing more than Stephen Harper's Reichstag fire:

B-) W from Southern SK, Canada writes: Something about the way this whole thing has come down smells fishy. I wish I could pinpoint it but I'm at a loss. If the alleged terrorists are proven to be terrorists, then well done and so be it. If however, this is a political and partisan ploy by the Harper, in collusion with CSIS and other law enforcement officials, as some are suggesting, then I hope justice will be served.


I R from Vancouver, BC, Canada writes: Mmm. Our very own Gunpowder Plot. Penny for the Guy?


Jim Terrets from Vancouver, writes: The more information that's revealed about this 'plot', the more suspicious the whole thing seems. One gun for seventeen terrorists? How can two guys in jail take an active part in a terrorist plot? Why didn't the police display some of the seized ammonium nitrate as evidence instead of the 'display only' bag they used? The Peace Tower and Parliament buildings as targets as well as the TSE? How on earth were fifteen amateur terrorists, including five teenagers, going to coordinate that attack? If their survelliance was so great why didn't the police wait until the alleged 'terrorists' had actually made the bombs, then they could have seized the 'terrorists' along with absolute proof of their plot? There are too many questions here, and the answers are very feeble. Terrorism is serious business, its not for government agencies trying to increase their budgets by manufacturing some dastardly terrorist plot. I bet that most of these 'terrorists' end up walking out of court, free of any charges.


J. S. from calgary, Canada writes: 3 tonnes of ammonium nitrate in one purchase? Either these are the world's most stupid and amateurish terrorists, or they are just patsies manipulated into creating a crisis that neoconservatives can exploit for their political advantage. Don't dismiss the latter possibility out of hand, as this is certainly what is happening in the United States. Websites are filled with detailed reporting of the links between the CIA and 'Al-Queda' terrorists. Problem, reaction, solution.

By the end of the week, expect to have at least one major Canadian political figure from the left publicly suggest that the terror arrests were a plot to prop up the Harper government orchestrated by the Fraser Institute, CIA, Conrad Black, Richard Mellon Scaife, under the direction of none other than those damn Jooooos in the Mossad.

Source: Globe and Mail


Anonymous said...

Lets see what happens in Monday's Question Period.

I for one am hoping that some of Mr. Dithers and Jumping Jack's Moonbats go on record with some of their utter nonsense so that Canadians will truly understand what kind of government can best protect us.

SUZANNE said...

How idiotic can these people get??? 19 guys with no weapons got on planes, took down the two largest office buildings in the world, damaged the Pentagon and almost crashed in the White House, and they think 17 terrorists can't simultaneously damage Parliament Hill and the TSE? How stupid! We haven't learned a damned thing!