Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Least Favoured Nation

Today's World Cup round of 16 matchup presents a problem: do I cheer for those overfishing, terrorist-appeasing, cowardly dagoes or the arrogant, moralizing, hypocritical frogs ?


jdave34 said...


Dagoes are ITALIANS.

Fuck, If you're going to be a racist, ignorant, simple-minded, mouth-breathing, rock-biting asshole, at least have the decency to use the correct racist epithet.

Fucking moron.

Anonymous said...

How about you stop being an asshole for 1 day, and actually watch some games?

You never know - watching men who have accomplished something might give you a few ideas.

jdave34 said...

Don't forget: there's another game today too! Brazil vs. Ghana.

I can't wait for you to tell me who you like in this epic battle between the Kikes and the Chinks.

jdave34 said...

And btw, that comment about Spain being cowardly? Tell ya what: Let's see who the coward is. If you'd like, I will be happy to send you my home address. Anytime you feel like showing a Spaniard what courage is, you are way, way, WAY more than welcome to come to my house, look me in the eye and call Spaniards cowards.

And to be even more fair, I will be absolutely thrilled to pay your airfare, bus fare, train fare, car rental fees, whatever it takes to get you to my door so that I can learn about courage. I've got some income tax return cash in my account right now that I've been trying to find something to spend it on. It would be my pleasure to use it to pay for your travel expenses. There's no expiry on this offer either. Just let me know when I can expect you and I'll be waiting at the door. Once you present me with the receipts, I'll be happy to reimburse your travel and accomodation expenses? If this doesn't work for you, just email me your home address, and I'll be only too happy to make the trip myself.

Whaddaya say? Feel like teaching me a thing or two about courage? I'm really looking forward to this. I think it'll be fun!

davidson said...

i wouldn't get to worked up about the commentary on this blog. resorting to childish name calling is a sure sign that no one is reading his crap anyhow. the racism is an attempt to get some attention. i like to watch this prick squirm in is own shitty homophobic, racist, narrow world view.

jdave34 said...


I'm not getting too worked up here. This kind of ignorance is amusing more than anything else. I'm just curious to see his response to my (very generous) offer. let's see how brave the man who sees fit to call others cowards is.

I got 5 bucks that says he doesn't post a single comment here.

Loyalist said...

jdave34: You're out $5.

davidson: I was expecting you to respond first. So I'm out $10 on that.

If Robert McClelland doesn't show up by the end of the day to damn me, I'll be out another $10.

But if Spain wins by at least two goals, I'll make back the $20 and break even.

Incidentally, while "dago" is more commonly used by Americans to disparage Italians, the British use "dago" to slight the Spanish and Portuguese (who apparently don't rank a common proper insult of their own).

Now I have to decide the topic of next month's random "flame bait" post. All suggestions will be considered.

jdave34 said...


You showed up!!! When can I expect you to come visit me? I'm dying for you to show me how a real man acts and call me a coward to my face...

davidson said...

maybe next month you can explore why so-cons can't get it up....i'm sure you'll rush to explain.

jdave34 said...

No response to my generous invitation? What's it gonna take? OK, fine, I'll up the ante:

Business class airfare (if you're flying) and 100 bucks cash in your pocket for showing your face at my door and calling Spaniards cowards.

I'm totally serious.

jdave34 said...

Hey! Where'd Loyalist go? You'd think that a brave and corageous man such as Loyalist would be only too willing to accept my offer and show this cowardly Spaniard a thing or two about guts, wouldn't you?

Or perhaps his authority on cowardice comes from first-hand experience? Perhaps he can smell his own?

Well what's the scoop? Should I make up the guest room for you?

Loyalist said...


I'm still here, and willing to take you up on your offer.

What arrangements do you want to make? Send this blog an e-mail. The link is in the sidebar.

jdave34 said...

I don't email from my work address, but I'll email you this evening with my home address.

Billy said...

Its dago without an e!