Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gomery: Chretien Out Of Pocket

Jean Chretien's challenge of the Gomery inquiry findings won't cost taxpayers a dime, if CTV and the former prime minister are to be believed:

Taxpayers paid for Chretien's $440,000 legal bill during Gomery's sponsorship inquiry. But lawyer Peter Doody says Chretien will foot the bill for the fees he racks up as he fights Gomery's sponsorship findings in Federal Court.

"Mr. Chretien will not be looking to the taxpayers of Canada to fund his legal fees for this application," Doody told reporters Wednesday, a day after Gomery released his first of two reports on the sponsorship inquiry.

"Mr. Chretien knows what is the right thing to do, and this is the right thing to do."

Chretien plans to file a motion in Federal Court within 30 days, alleging that Gomery was biased against him. The government is expected to argue against the motion.

There would never have been a Gomery report if Chretien had known what the right thing to do was to begin with.

Nor will he be paying everything out of his own pocket, so to speak: former prime ministers can always find a way to have funds raised quietly amongst their old friends and colleagues. And many Chretien Liberals would only be too happy to contribute to giving the old boss one last chance to embarrass Martin publicly in court.

The Chretien-Martin civil war just never ends, does it?

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