Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nasty Dirty Pornographers

The federal Liberals may be the worst for spending public money on shady deals and sleazy cronies, but so far they haven't started doing business with homosexual pornography peddlers:

The (Manitoba) NDP government lost $10,000 after guaranteeing a loan to Queer Closet, a Sherbrook Street adult porn and gay store that recently went belly up.

Industry Minister Jim Rondeau said the loan guarantee was provided under a program to help young entrepreneurs who want to set up businesses in Manitoba.

Queer Closet sold lubricants, condoms, novelties and toys and rented gay cinema and adult pornography.

"These are legal items that are appropriate as far as being legal," said Rondeau.

"It would be inappropriate for me to censor an economic thing as long as it's legal."

Two points come to mind:

First, an NDP government would never have made such a loan to a purveyor of garden variety heterosexual pornography. Their feminist supporters would have screamed blue murder about spending public money on the exploitation of women. But homosexuals, as a privileged class among the left, will not only have their sexual degradation tolerated but also praised.

Second, a political philosophy that refuses to make moral judgments as part of public policy, or accept an external source of universal moral principles, inevitably reduces all morality to a matter of secular legality. What is legal must be moral, because it is legal. From that principle proceeds the notion that whoever controls the legal system makes morality, a principle that invariably reduces itself to a will to power.

In short: the master's will is the only law.

Today's master may honour homosexuals; tomorrow's may persecute them. And if the master's will is the only law, both are right.

Source: Winnipeg Sun


Ian Scott said...

So, to what master, or master ideology, are you a loyalist to, exactly?

angela said...

you silly little thing. some feminazis are pro porn as long as the women are in control and raking in the cash. also, hetero porn stores are still a great place to get lesbian porn. queer porn stores have better lube. also, the staff tend to be cheerful and welcoming rather than greasy and standoffish.